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when all the chips are down

so you're giving it up said it's done it's over you've got some problems you don't see i don't know here we go i can't change the future can't foresee there's something wrong i can't concede what's up what's got you down if you look away will i turn around nobody understands what this means to me even when all the ships are down some good will come you'll see we are nothing like you realize we are will always be we've got to be so we've made some mistakes and we've made bad choices but in our hearts we see it through and i don't know what to do you can't buy this point of view you've got better things to do and what you do follows you.

tell me what it means

wanna hold on to this moment wanna picture for my stare yeah loosen up i won't leave i won't go anywhere without you now your past is filled with problems and people that you use to know but this is now and he's not me so quit acting like you pose a threat to me why do we play the victim tell me what it means why are we so fixed on problems we just don't need i wanna hold on to this moment and make a plan to take a stand yeah you're not giving up please don't no just hang in there you wanna be strong instead of weak you wanna brick wall so i can't see you build up a good defense now remember just one thing you can always count on me.

make no mistake

ungh you might have your reasons you might have your good excuses do you think they might hurt someone or kill someone we've got you now we've got you where we want you if there's something you wanna say they can't complain you are whoh you are they don't have a reason they don't have a good excuse oh no cause everyone's all the same but they pass the blame from me to you to them so given the season and the lack of an ounce of reason if there's one thing you wanna say don't turn away i'm not ashamed but why do i feel this way make no mistake this is my only take woah.

payback for the day we met you

you've got the wrong idea you've got no reason to believe what you are and what you always try to be is wrong and i won't join you fantasy i've got this silly notion you've got something against me problem solved but what you did was truly wrong that's right now i won't put up a fight someday we'll get you packback for the day we met you who you gonna call when your friends are gone this time you'll know what you've done wrong i can't explain your actions i've got no means to understand something's wrong it's something we should talk about you don't know but now i'm left without a doubt there can be no exception there can be no room for debate it's not resolved but i had no plans to get involved that's right now you have got to make it right i don't know if i'd agree what you did it bothers me now won't you tag along yeah hey.

enough already

you've got all day to run me down but i've got no reason to back down walk away just walk away man just walk away it's a means to set you free what you wear and what you eat we cannot run we cannot hide from you rinsane obsession it's almost too hard to even try did you forget or did i fail to mention it's i who holds the thing you want most i who hoolds the thing you need we do not need this industry open your minds to possibilities and in a blink of the eye you turn on me cause for you it seems like eternity now you forgot enough is enough cause i decide what role i play and i decide what path to take today and i don't want you anymore no more you've had all day to run me down you've had your say now check this out cause what you call a right of humanity is just a lame excuse for hipocracy no more.


(a) the job is someone else's (b) they'll be laughing at me with a big fat grin yeah (c) so i won't give you two minutes or two seconds (d) you're a little old to be at the movies the more you will the more you won't a first handshake a goodbye note you're wasting time why can't you see there's nothing left here it's just me the rainy day for what you saved has now cleared itself up and gone away the day will come and you won't know which way is up which way to go you're wasting time when will you choose there's nothing left here it's just you whoah it's the season of friendship treason now you've made it so complicated.

heir to the x-fortune

go you abused mine what was left was subject to design the position being taken was to saturate then purify fighting opposition and trying out our new position will they see it coming they won't go too far we know what you are and you won't go far if they go at all should suffice (demonstration) you have no right and the penalty's mine if you're not for you're against if you're not now you never were after all those troubled years i'll no longer perish state your claim and point the blame remember it's you against the world another loose connection joins a faction to plan for the action with some motivation they make a t-shirt about compassion a friend in need that you decree is not worthy you must choose win or lose to tell the truth sure i'm scared but i still care and that's not fair.


if you can't pull me out better watch out falling down and if you can't see it through a better path you'll have to choose feeling insecure about the future is a part of life too you don't have to say it cause your face can spell it i can read you i don't see a problem in the things you do the problem is you don't seem to recognize that feeling down's a comprimise and will we we ever know the past will show left out on the porch of compromise yeah / the next time yeah i'm waiting for the view to capsize if i don't give up believing then i'll never stop my dreaming only i can make it happen when i put my plan to action is there someone who could save me when i can't swim and it's raining is what i see deceiving could it be my time-out's leaving the clock is ticking time now to begin the beginning the timer is ticking according to my stopwatch your life is in you rown hands always passing you by this is not a time-out this is your life you can make it happen this is your time and you know which way's up.

the top contender

go i say choose your best defense if you don't then you fail the test last chance surrender you will render me the top contender try and stop me now that look will not bring me down october thirty-first oooooo i say stop drop turn around did you see how he hit the ground fat chance pretender you will render me the top contender your best seller's not so hot do you even know how much we hate you if you're leaving town don't bother to call or turn around if it's so profound write it down remember everybody hates you even stevens don't rely on public masturbation i say with no scream or shout you have shot me shut me out a dented fender you have rendered me the last contender alright if it's ok too little too late today forget no you remember the defeat of the top contender the weight of obligation without your full attention they will find you guilty by reason of insanity with one more stipulation to our determination it's as you might expect you owe me stop me.

not like you

you with me let's start out by acting friendly but we know the real truth pay no mind they'll try and stop youth right here right now the choice is your's get in or stay out are you with me we build up defenses break down walls and kick in fences the message they're sending carbon copy patent pending the best day of the best year best friends always keep their hearts near go when this is your life then i'll let you choose people places points in time so many things to do yeah although you never wanted to just because you gave it up why do i have to the world is pretending this kid's life is never ending in the face of sedation step aside and take vacation waiting is not the same i'm waiting could you explain i'm waiting for you to call by waiting i've lost it all go i'm not like you.

the rest have decided

woah i'm not saying nothing and i'm not saying either way all i know is something's wrong today but i do know one thing i don't see a reason for this hate what have you got me into could this happen on any other day did you see it coming did you see what it is or how you want it to seem did you say oh my that's something it's the one thing you wanted to leave behind woah people call me crazy people think i'm losing it those people call me lazy well what they know is dyed and cut to fit when they do say something it's hard to hear those words they pretend to say now i'm into something you want to believe buty ou'll never see a new side of things woah millions of people consider themselves equal the rest have decided we're best kept divided.

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